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Reader disgusted by cruelty

Dear Editor,

When I hear on CP24 that some “scum” in Etobicoke puts a dog in a suitcase, zips it closed and tosses it down a snowy embankment, I simply wish to do likewise to this animal abusing, disgusting excuse for human life that would commit such an atrocity.

Thankfully, there was the opportune passing by of two joggers (bless their hearts) that intervened and saved this dog’s life. Absolute heroes in my mind.

May surveillance cameras in the area, police, and the Toronto Humane Society be unrelenting in their search and hopeful apprehension of this mentally sick individual, because I don’t know how someone in their right mind could ever do such a thing.

Apparently animal cruelty laws have much more teeth as of 2020, so let’s see this in full force, in this case, and any other animal cruelty situation going forward.

R.M. Hues