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Nothing will be done about airport

Dear Editor,

Re: Flight Schools destroying the quality of life for residents.

Despite a decade of meetings, plans, discussions, and promises, the flight schools continue to buzz over our households on a minute-by-minute basis. If you happen to live up in and around the area of Ontario Tech University or anywhere in north Oshawa, chances are that on any given sunny day, you will have over 300 fly overs of small planes that circle all day from 8 a.m. in the morning to 10:30 at night. The only good thing I can say about the COVID spring we had was that the flights stopped temporarily and we had some peace.

I think it is obvious we can draw these conclusions. 1) City council believes the economic viability and impact of the flight schools at the airport far outweigh the danger, noise and pollution of hundreds of planes flying over our heads on a daily basis. They believe that the spinoff is greater than 50,000 residents who already pay taxes to the city. 2) There are entrenched interests between councillors, contractors and people who run these flight schools and not even the citizens who pay their salaries are going to have a say in it. 3) They don’t know what to do or are too afraid to do what they know is right which is to shut down the flight schools and stop the noise and chaos.

I attended the airport town hall a year ago this September and it was the angriest meeting I have ever witnessed. The contractors who make money off the airport were the speakers and city council never got in a word edgewise as the meeting was taken over by angry residents like myself. The mayor looked like he wanted to run out of that room as fast as he could. My gut feel is that nothing is going to be done people. We have been meeting and trying to get these flight schools cancelled to no avail. The planes buzz our rooftops every minute of every day non-stop while we pay taxes to the city. The only solution I see is to get behind candidates in the next election that agree that noise and danger posed by flight schools is ridiculous and intolerable. It’s been done all over the world. Get behind councillors who will not support this lunacy and boot out the ones that agree that my house is fair game for 300 planes a day to fly over. Nothing more that scares a sitting politician than the unemployment line.


Doug Warren