Local stewards working to protect turtles

CLOCA and The Durham Woodworking Club have partnered to design turtle basking boxes, aimed at moving local endangered turtles to safer habitats. (Photo courtesy of Calvin Perry) Stefany Harris/The Oshawa Express All eight turtle species in Ontario are at risk of disappearing from the province. Five species are considered threatened including the Blanding’s turtle, spiny softshell turtle, spotted turtle, stinkpot turtle and wood turtle. The northern map turtle, snapping turtle and now the midland painted turtle are designated as special concern. Most species of turtles don’t mature until they’ve reached 20 years of age, meaning they won’t start thinking about mating and procreating until then. Because of man-made changes to their habitat, turtles are susceptible to more population deficit in the future. Coastal wetland stressors such as salt runoff from roads, metals from brakes pads and other factors are affecting the quality of the conservation lands and wetlands. The Oshawa Harbour used to be all wetland, and was a main area where turtles in Ontario used to live and where females would lay their eggs. “Now that there is more concrete and less area to live in, turtles are looking for a new area,” says Dan Moore, aquatic biologist for … Continue reading Local stewards working to protect turtles