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Local air cadet receives award

Local air cadet Cameron Heynemans was awarded with the Lieutenant Colonel James Gale Air Cadet League of Canada Award. (Photo supplied)

Oshawa Cadet Cameron Heynemans recently received the Lieutenant Colonel James Gale Air Cadet League of Canada Award.

On July 26, Trenton Cadet Training Centre hosted a graduation parade for cadets who finished their first serial of basic aviation, advanced aviation and basic aviation technology and aerospace course this summer.

The parade gave the cadets the opportunity to highlight the skills they’ve learned over three weeks of training. They also received acknowledgement for their hard work throughout the course.

The aim of the aviation course is to develop specialists with the skills and knowledge required to be an instructor and team leader for aviation activities within the air cadet program.

The reviewing officer was John Nolan, Chair of the Air Cadet League      of Canada – Ontario Provincial Committee.

The parade was under the command of the aviation training group warrant officer second class Buller.

Several cadets received acknowledgment for their hard work and dedication during the course.

Heynemans has excelled in the study    of the fundamentals of aerospace, airport   operations, aircraft manufacturing, and aircraft maintenance.