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Live comedy is back

By Courtney Bachar

A local comedian is happy to be back touring again and performing shows after the COVID pandemic shut everything down.

International headlining comedian Andrew Packer has been travelling the west coast for the last several weeks performing live shows in Alberta and British Columbia.

“It’s amazing,” he says in being able to perform again.

“It’s just been so exhilarating and awesome being back, and the audiences are so happy to see us,” he adds, as everything was shut down due to the pandemic.

“Them just being out of the house and at a show, their excitement, is just great energy for us to work off of and build our material out of, and we’re just having a really great time at every show we’re going to.”

Packer has been performing his JNT Comedy Tour, now in its fourth year, which also features Che Durena and Jacob Balshin. They’ve been traveling around Alberta and B.C. since Aug. 18 with the tour ending Sept. 6.

From there, Packer says he’s heading to San Francisco to enter into the International San Francisco Comedy Competition.

However, he says, no matter where he is, he always remembers his roots and where he came from.

“I’m excited to be out here representing Oshawa all over the country,” he says.