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Let me respond

Dear Editor,

In the August 25th edition of The Oshawa Express, Mr. Ron Horner deliberately slandered me for a letter I submitted to the Express on July 26.

He used the term “naturopathic” three times while accusing me of using that term in my letter.

I never used that term in my letter, as anybody can search back and check the July 26 edition of the Express.

The cheap and plentiful pharmaceutical drugs I was referring to are not naturopathic medicine, and I never said that they were. Believe me, if they were I would run, not walk, to my nearest health food store and stock up on these products to protect me from Covid, but I cannot as they are pharmaceutical drugs and only available by prescription.

Speak Of Ivermectin , and Hydroxychloroquine, both cheap and effective to treat early Covid symptoms and keep you out of the hospital, and off a ventilator! The key word here is “cheap” as there is no money to be made by big pharma in doling out this cure, as compared to billons being made by pushing vaccines only.

If Mr. Ron Horner sees this, and I am sure he will, please go to your nearest health food store and try to buy these, what you call “naturopathic drugs,” and let us know how you made out. In the meantime, Ron, I suggest you do more research, and less accusing people with falsehoods. It could get costly. Remember that.

Russ Horner