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Lakeridge launches naming survey for new long-term care home

Lakeridge Health is looking for input on naming the new long-term care home in Ajax.

The province announced a collaborative partnership with Lakeridge Health last summer to build a new, modern long-term care home on the site of the Ajax Pickering Hospital using an accelerated build process.

The building now stands six storeys tall, and the Lakeridge Health team says they are busy planning for the home’s completion in 2022.

Deciding on the home’s name they say is an important next step, noting, Lakeridge Health is “excited to collaborate with the Durham community on this important decision.”

To do this, Lakeridge Health launched the Long-Term Care Home Community Naming Survey, a six-question survey which gives Durham residents, community members, local organizations, and Lakeridge Health team members an opportunity to share their perspectives and ideas for the home’s name.

“The new long-term care home will serve generations of Durham residents and represents an important step in reimagining the future of health care in the region,” states Lakeridge Health, adding, “That is why it is critical that residents’ voices are included in this important naming decision.”

Residents across Durham can complete the survey by visiting by Friday, August 27.