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Horoscope: March 3 to 9, 2021


March 20 to April 19

You will be especially busy running errors and communicating with others.  However, you should not let discussions escalate into arguments.  Do not drive over the speed limit.




April 19 to May 20

Able to come up with new money making ideas, you should seek the advice of a financial manager.   If a conflict did arise, it could be over issues having to do with ownership.  Avoid going into debt.



May 20 to June 2

Extremely energetic, you will be more assertive than usual over the next five weeks.  Hold your temper and avoid being pushy.  Take charge of your life, but try not to bulldoze other people.



June 21 to July 22

Prepare for a quieter period in your life.  Take time out to recoup and reflect upon your personal and business goals.  People, in positions of authority, may not recognize your contribution at work.



July 22 to August 22

Since you would prefer to lead, rather, rather than follow a group, why not take on a team leader’s role at work.  Volunteer to do fund-raising for a service club or charitable organization.



August 22 to Sept 22

Whether personal or professional, you want people, in position of authority, to recognize the good job you are doing.   If you would enjoy being self-employed, this is a great time to start a home business.



Sept 22 to Oct 23

You will have plenty of energy to take an on-line course, one that can lead to a higher position.  Do not push your point-of-view, or get involved in a legal fight.  Get in touch with a long lost



Oct 23 to Nov 22

A conflict with a partner over money or property is entirely possible.  Something you hear about could touch you deeply.  Realize that human interaction is good, you do need or rely on others for support.



Nov 22 to Dec 21

Work co-operatively on partnership disputes.  If you and your partner, or competitor, have a difference of opinion, settle it immediately.  Make an effort to spend quality time with your spouse.



Dec 21 to Jan 19

Be prepared to deal with a bigger workload than usual over the next five weeks.  Avoid arguments with co-workers.  Settle any differences that arise as soon as possible.  Create more efficient daily routines.



Jan 19 to Feb 19

You will have lots of energy, but may not have the self-discipline to match.  Express yourself through children, romantic activities, hobbies, or sports.  Volunteer to coach a child’s sports team.



Feb 19 to March 20

Your extra demands will be on the domestic front.  Rather than arguing with family members, concentrate on homemaking, house repairs, or redecorating.  You could reach a significant point in a current project.