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Free transit makes no sense

Dear Editor,

To the people who keep pushing for free transit, nothing is free. Durham Transit needs to increase fares and find savings to stop its out of control spending.

Homeowners and car owners shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s transportation needs. Seem like the ones who want everything for nothing don’t have any skin in the game.

Brian Glabby, do you applaud empty buses going to North Durham and picking up a few passengers? The fares in North Durham don’t even cover the cost of the gas for the love of God. Durham Region council needs to get this off the property owners’ tax bills.

Whoever came up with this bad idea of funding transit with public taxpayer money.

It would be best to do away with Durham Region and Metrolinx and Go Transit, and just have the GTA Transit Authority. The cost saving would benefit the homeowner across the GTA and fix this poor funding model.

Carl Starr