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Durham Region Transit to celebrate 100,000 On Demand trips

Milestone rider to receive $500 PRESTO card

Durham Region Transit (DRT) will be giving away a $500 PRESTO fare card to celebrate 100,000 On Demand trips.

To celebrate its appreciation for customers using the On Demand service, DRT will be gifting the 100,000th rider with a pre-loaded $500 PRESTO card that can be used on all DRT services within Durham.

“On Demand service reaching a milestone of 100,000 trips in less than a year is a remarkable accomplishment,” says Regional Chair John Henry.

“The service has enabled residents of Durham Region to travel within our communities, during an unparalleled time, safely and efficiently. Thank you to our On Demand riders for your trust in DRT services,” he adds.

Flexible in meeting the individual needs of customers, On Demand is a shared ride public transit service within urban and rural areas across Durham. Using the interactive mobile app, or by calling 1-866-247-0055, trips are available within 15 minutes of booking in urban areas and 30 minutes in rural areas.

Since its launch in Durham Region in September 2020, On Demand has provided safe and reliable transit service for approximately 70,000 trips for essential travel, including free trips to vaccine clinics currently available for all Durham residents.

DRT anticipates that the 100,000th milestone trip will be booked in the summer months.

“This is an exciting opportunity to give back to our communities and present a $500 PRESTO card to the 100,000th On Demand rider,” says Shaun Collier, Ajax Mayor and Chair of the Transit Executive Committee.

“Not only has DRT’s On Demand service reached this milestone, but they have done so while keeping customers safe – that in itself is an accomplishment to celebrate.”

Bill Holmes, General Manager of DRT, says over the past year, they have observed changes in the way people travel.

“We have adapted our service to meet their needs while ensuring all residents – regardless of where they live, work or otherwise travel in the region – have access to safe and reliable mobility options,” says Holmes.

“DRT is pleased to serve Durham residents with On Demand service, and we look forward to celebrating our appreciation by giving back a $500 PRESTO card to the 100,000th rider.”