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Don’t let the wind blow litter around your neighbourhood

The region is reminding residents to keep the weather in mind when setting out their recyclables on garbage day.

Recyclables set out at the curb for blue box collection, including containers and paper materials, can blow away during windy weather if not set out correctly.

“Leaving blue box litter in your neighbourhood, parks, and along the streets is detrimental to the environment and safety of the community,” reads a press release from the Region of Durham.

The region is reminding residents and businesses to help reduce litter in the community on waste collection days and offers up the following tips to help keep waste at the curb, rather than becoming neighbourhood litter.

  • On windy days, if you only have a few recyclables, consider waiting until your next collection day to set out your blue boxes; it may not be as windy. Remember, recyclable materials are collected weekly in Durham Region.
  • Place recyclables at the curb by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection day, not the night before.
  • Place papers and cardboard vertically (upright) in your blue box, instead of horizontally (flat). This will reduce the chances of the wind picking them up. Or bundle cardboard separately. These bundles can act as a “lid” for your blue box.
  • Loose or shredded paper can be placed inside boxboard, such as cereal boxes.
  • Crush your cans and place in your containers blue box along with glass bottles.
  • On days that are not windy, set your blue boxes out for collection even if they are not full. This will reduce the chance of them being overfull next week.
  • Don’t overfill blue boxes. Keep material below the rim. Additional boxes can be purchased at the waste depot.

For more information, visit, or download the Durham Region Waste App.