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Community pillars join together

McCAM Insurance joins as presenting sponsor of 26th Autofest

McCAM Insurance has joined as a presenting sponsor of the Motor City Car Club’s 26th annual Autofest on Aug. 24 and 25 in Lakeview Park. McCAM Insurance president Rorie McIntosh, and sales manager Lisa McKnight joined Doug Stapleton of the Motor City Car Club. (Photo by Dave Flaherty)

By Dave Flaherty/The Oshawa Express

McCAM Insurance and the Motor City Car Club both have rich histories in the City of Oshawa, so it is natural for the two to come together.

The insurance brokerage, which has been in the city for 106 years, has joined on as a presenting sponsor for the 26th annual Autofest to be held Aug. 24 and 25.

McCAM Insurance president Rorie McIntosh said he has attended the longstanding event several times, and he and his team are excited to be part of it.

“From an attendance point of view, it’s a really good show… It’s amazing how many people they get from outside the area. It’s a massive car show, I go to a number of car shows, most of them are small, and they’re great, but Autofest is really well done,” McIntosh told The Oshawa Express.

They will be holding draws for the opportunity for a free tank ride at the museum, which McIntosh says has an estimated value of $350.

McCAM Insurance was founded in 1913 by Oshawa resident Peter McMurtry, and since then has gone through a number of name changes until becoming McCAM Insurance in 1980.

They offer customers service in the traditional pillars of auto, home and commercial insurance, but McIntosh said they’ve begun to branch out into the entertainment business, including movies, film festivals and live events.

“We were very Durham Region-focused at first, and we still are, but we are starting to look at very large projects that go across the country,”  McIntosh explains. “Geography doesn’t really limit you anymore. In the old days, people would drop by and see us… your physical location mattered a lot in the old days. It doesn’t anymore.”

Doug Stapleton of the Motor City Car Club says they are happy to have McCAM Insurance on board.

“We are really pleased to welcome McCAM Insurance as a new sponsor, because we cannot do Autofest without our sponsors,” Stapleton says.