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Co-existing with coyotes

The number of coyote sightings has increased as many residents are spending more time at home.

The City of Oshawa is reminding residents that coyotes are a natural part of the urban landscape and an “important part of the ecosystem.”

The City has several suggestions for wildlife proofing a property, such as removing food attractants from the yard, securing garbage, keeping pet food indoors, and cleaning up spilled bird seed and fallen fruits.

In addition, residents should keep the property clean – trim back bushes and weeds, clean up after pets and keep the barbecue area clean.

Homes and sheds should also be secured, including sealing openings into and under buildings, decks and porches.

Finally, the city suggests being a good pet owner, including keeping dogs on a leash and supervised when outdoors, and bringing pets indoors at night.

If a coyote is sighted or encountered, the city says stop and pick up small children and pets, stand still, and remember to never run or turn away from a coyote.

The city also suggests making yourself big by waving your arms around your head, be loud and assertive, and slowly back away, keeping an eye on the animal.

The City uses sighting reports to monitor common locations and determine if neighbourhood specific communications should be sent.

Coyote sightings can be reported online at, by email or by telephone 905-436-3311.

The City will only respond to urban wildlife calls if the animal is sick or has been injured.

Additional information and resources on urban wildlife are available on the city’s Wildlife webpage.