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Be careful – it’s grass fire season

(Photo by Colin Williamson)

A dry winter and the return of warmer temperatures means the increased potential for grass fires to occur.

During this time of year, open fields, wooded areas and pathways are covered with dry vegetation, and

Oshawa Fire Services is reminding residents that grass fires are unpredictable and can quickly spread out of control and endanger surrounding structures, such as homes.

Community members should remember to be vigilant when discarding cigarette butts and matches while outdoors, ensure that matches and lighters are kept or locked in areas not accessible to children and youth, remind children and youth of the dangers of playing with and lighting fires, and be aware of surroundings when outdoors in open fields and wooded areas.

Oshawa Fire Services says grass fires only have the potential to cause extensive damage and possible injury, but also use emergency resources that could be required for other urgent situations.

Malicious acts resulting in grass fires are considered criminal acts and could result in an arson charge.