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An urgent plea to the premier

Dear Editor,

Ontarians must all be in favour of Ontario’s anti-pandemic efforts. We should have no wish to place our lives in jeopardy, waste our time, our freedom and the adolescence of our children, as well as their right to study properly, for those who refuse to be vaccinated. This time, the non-vaccinated stay at home, not us. In Ontario those who do not get vaccinated should no longer be able to go to restaurants, cafes, cinemas and museums, or get onto airplanes or trains. Alternatively, they will have to submit a negative test, which will no longer be free.

Premier, you must announce the vaccination obligation for medical personnel and for those who work in contact with the ill and elderly people. A nurse who has refused to be vaccinated will no longer be able to go to work and receive a salary. We cannot make those who have the civic sense to get vaccinated bear the burden of inconvenience. The restrictions will weigh on others, those who for reasons incomprehensible to us, still hesitate to use the only weapon available against the pandemic, the vaccine. Prime Minister, you have a duty to ensure Ontarians are socially and individually safe. Those who do not get their vaccinations are falling short of their civic duty.

Our neighbourhoods must be protected through true civic unity. The time of asking, pleading and bribing those not vaccinated must end. Premier you must express the legal and legislative power of your office. Our nation is divided…those vaccinated and those denying the process. Unite us using a firm hand with council.

Steven Kaszab