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Airport air quality and noise monitoring coming this summer

(Photo credit City of Oshawa)

The Oshawa Executive Airport will be beginning phase two of an air quality assessment and noise study for monitoring in the residential areas surrounding the airport.

Taking into consideration community input, the city says five noise monitoring units will be installed in residential locations in proximity to the airport on Barbados Street, Bessborough Drive, Juniper Street, Revelstoke Court, and Woodlea Crescent.

Data collected from the noise study, run by RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists, the noise study will be compared to aircraft movement data to identify trends in noise relating to volume, duration, movement type, and aircraft type. This will assist in the potential development of new noise and traffic management strategies targeted to help reduce the impact of aircraft noise on surrounding neighbourhoods.

Following community input, five air quality units will be installed in Bermuda Park and Deer Valley Park and in residential locations in proximity to the airport on Marigold Avenue, Somerville Street, and Woodlea Crescent.

The air quality assessment will measure particles that contribute to air pollution along with lead, nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, and nitrogen monoxide, and will consider the impact of aircraft traffic and airport-related activity.

Results will be compared to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Ambient Air Quality Criteria.

While monitoring air quality, the city says it is normal for community members to hear a sound from the device similar to the sound of a vacuum running.

Both studies will run until the first week of September. Results will be considered in the process to establish new noise and traffic mitigation measures in accordance with the Transport Canada process AC-302-002.

The city says the Oshawa Executive Airport previously undertook air quality studies in 2015 and 2019, which indicated that the air quality met the acceptable standards in all categories.

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