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Address climate change now

Dear Editor,

I am a family doctor and the mother of two adult children. I am very concerned about our environment, especially since reading the extremely dire report just released by the WHO.
According to the best available science, the next decade will determine whether or not the world will be on track to keep warming below 1.5 C to avoid the most dangerous impacts of climate chaos. We have no time to waste.
Canada is doing more than ever to act on climate change, yet our climate targets are still critically insufficient, and are among the least ambitious targets compared to other developed countries. I just recently returned from a visit to my daughter in Kelowna and was shocked and frightened with the severe forest fires. The air was so smoky that we couldn’t see the mountains, the clouds or the stars at night. The smoke burned our throats and forced us to stay indoors. This is a tragedy that we have to address now. There is so much the government can do to address climate change like mandating grey water and solar panels on all new builds, subsidizing electric vehicles.


Roslyn Shafir