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A win for the people

Prior to and after last October’s municipal election, editorials in The Oshawa Express took residents of the city to task for an apparent apathy towards municipal politics.

However, over the past month, at least a portion of the city’s population has been anything but lethargic to the political scene.

During two meetings over the past week, lovers of our four-legged friends packed council chambers to voice their support for the city’s Animal Services department.

When staff recommended the city transfer the majority of services handled by this department to the Humane Society of Durham Region, it started a whirlwind of grassroots action.

Signatures were put to paper, signs were hoisted in front of city hall, and voices were loudly heard throughout the walls of council chambers.

The message was clear from residents – Oshawa Animal Services is doing an excellent job, and “don’t fix what isn’t broken.”

It was a message that was heard by council on Monday as they voted to cease any investigation of shifting how animals are cared for in the City of Oshawa.

Whether there was any merit to the proposal brought forth by the Humane Society is a moot point now.

What’s important is that the people spoke, and their voice was heard.

Still, many of those who clamoured in support of Oshawa Animal Services are not completely satisfied, as questions remain about how the whole process was handled.

One resident has stated he is going to make a complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman, which is a path council will have to cross on another day.

For now, those who took the time to take action on an issue they cared about deserve acknowledgment.

It is the responsibility of the residents of the City of Oshawa to tell our local representatives what they want, and what they don’t want.

A bit of credit needs to go to council for listening to their voices as well.

As Ward 1 regional councillor John Neal stated during Monday’s meeting, “The people won.”