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Waterfront ethanol debacle not MP’s fault

Dear Editor,

I join Mr. Ladd in extending my congratulations to The Express on a well written article. Having lived in Oshawa for over 50 years I can tell you firsthand that things happening at the port have not always been in the best interest of Oshawa’s residents.

The issues down there have been ongoing for decades and Mr. Ladd’s attempts to lay them at the feet of our MP would be laughable were it not so offensive.

The reality, as Mr. Ladd well knows, is that MP Carrie has always maintained that the Oshawa waterfront was not his preferred location for an ethanol facility, but the decision was not his to make. Let’s not forget that it was regional council that invited FarmTech to our community, not the Conservatives and certainly not MP Carrie.

What Colin Carrie did deliver, was the historic 2010 Settlement Agreement which saw the City of Oshawa take possession of the West Wharf lands after the Harper government paid to have it cleaned up.

We all have our political leanings and I can respect that Mr. Ladd’s are different than my own. However, deliberately misleading readers regarding the actions of our MP have no role in bettering our community and I hope he will think twice in the future.

Elsie Jenkins