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Waiting on real leadership for Canada

Dear Editor,

As I today watched President Trump being interviewed prior to  boarding a helicopter, I was amazed at the difference in the leadership between our two countries.

On one hand, we hear Trump positively promising to not allow illegals pour across the border between Mexico and the USA, backing that up with thousands of US troops.

On the other hand, here we are with anybody from anywhere, allowed to cross our border from the USA, mostly migrants from Africa, that just arrived on flights from overseas, and Trudeau does nothing except to have our RCMP officers do the job of bellhops, carrying their bags.

Deportations are very low, and will take many years to get to that point for most. In the meantime our social services are being taxed to the max, and mayors like John Tory are screaming for more funding from the rest of us to allow this nonsense to continue.

Like Trump said during that interview, they will require more workers because of more companies relocating to the USA, but he wants legal immigrants, not illegal ones, like we are being inundated with since Trudeau welcomed everybody and anybody back in 2017 with his ridiculous Tweet claiming that diversity is our strength.

He is just following the orders of globalists like George Soros, and the United Nations, while Trump will not fall for that nonsense.

Trump is protecting his people, just like more and more leaders in Europe such as Hungary, Poland, and recently Italy, and now Brazil it seems after the latest election there. I don’t think Japan has ever had this “illegal migrant“ problem, nor will they ever. It would not be allowed. Period.

I await the day when we too begin to see the level of leadership at the helm of this country, actually rise to the level we see in a few other countries that actually have the wellbeing of the citizens of those countries taken seriously, and serve the people, not have the citizens serve the leadership in every hair brained scheme they can dream up, and suffer the consequences because of it, as we surely will now for years to come.

It cannot come soon enough.

Russ Horner