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Updated police check rules in effect

The process of how police record checks are completed in Ontario has changed as of Nov. 1.

First off, there have been slight modifications to the names of the record checks.

A police criminal record check and police vulnerable sector check are now simply known as a criminal record check and vulnerable sector check respectively.

The former police information check is now called the criminal record and judicial matters check.

Three types of forms have been standardized into one, which will now be used for all levels of police record checks.

The biggest change involves youth records. In accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act, youth records will only be released to federal, provincial and municipal government agencies within designated retention periods.

The act prevents youth from sharing these records with any other potential employer or volunteer agency, and non-government agencies are not allowed to ask for or to receive any of these records.

For those who applied for a police record check between Oct. 17 and Oct. 24 and have not received it by mail, the document would have been sent to the police division that the application was made, and must be picked up there.

According to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, certain police record checks have been exempted from the new legislation either partially or fully.

Examples of these include;

– applying for child custody or adoptions

– providing residential care or foster care for children and youth

– applying for a legal name change

– requirements for a firearms license application

– screening for certain roles in education, childcare, justice sectors, and electricity generation facilities