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Unifor wraps up deals with part suppliers

Exit agreements made with final four companies

After months of negotiations, Unifor has wrapped up exit agreements for employees of four more General Motors part supplier plants.

The union has struck deals with Inteva Products, Lear Corporation Whitby, Auto Warehousing Canada, and Robinson Solutions.

These companies represent the last of 11 agreements negotiated by Unifor on behalf of employees affected by the impending closure of Oshawa’s GM assembly plant.

“Unifor has repeatedly insisted that auto parts and service provider workers made significant contributions to the success of their employers and to General Motors. They deserved more than legislative minimum severances, and Unifor was successful in negotiating enhanced packages for our members,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor national president. “We allocated resources, developed a coordinated bargaining plan, and we had the strong commitment of our leadership and membership. That is why we were successful in getting fair agreements for our members.”

Negotiations between Unifor and the 11 part supply companies began in June.

Colin James, president of Unifor Local 222, said employees and the union were clear they weren’t going to accept “minimum” agreements.

“In the end, we successfully negotiated double the Employment Standards Act minimum severance from the employers,” said James. “Without the extraordinary dedication and resiliency of workers, reaching these deals would not have been possible. But to be clear, enhanced severance doesn’t replace a good paying job. And knowing this, we will never give up on our efforts to advocate for bringing vehicle assembly back to Oshawa.”