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Trust in the experts

Dear Editor,

I follow COVID-19 very capably in the news. I have never seen an article or anyone stating what Mr. Horner says about homeopathic medicine, especially his claim that over half a million people in the United States could have been saved by using this homeopathic method.

If there were a non-invasive method then I believe that the government would actually tell everyone to use it if it would save lives. Any medical expert that speaks up will not be ostracized, that person would be applauded. After all, they found a cure. I believe that apart from anything else, a cure from something else is wonderful. After all, the FDA fast tracked and have found them to be at least 95 per cent effective with few side effects.

I would put my life in the hands of scientists. This is not to say that homeopathic methods may work but the time it takes to find a cure is astronomical. If that cure were found then everybody be using it, even anti-vaxxers would probably take it.

I have full faith in our scientists and our government. The people that are not taking the vaccine for whatever reason do not have any protection against this virus. It’s very hard to sway them, so do not even try at this point.

Younger and younger patients are coming down with this virus and more than that, they are stating that they wished they had taken the vaccine. It is too little too late by the time they get sick. The children are getting sick and mothers are going right out to get the vaccine, and if they have other children that are older than 12, they are finally going to get them vaccinated.

I sincerely hope that everyone gets the vaccine but only a few are left. After all, you are vaccinated against rubella, mumps, diphtheria and a whole host of other diseases. Unless you can’t take them you would be instructed by your doctor to take a letter to school to show why.

Ron Horner