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To serve and protect

The 2019 edition of Police Week in Durham was launched in Oshawa on May 13, with a theme of “Proudly Supporting Our Police.”

Police Week in Ontario is an annual event dedicated to increasing crime prevention awareness and education for the public and recognition of the law enforcement of police services.

Police officers unfortunately do not always receive the recognition and respect that they deserve.
These professionals are out on a daily basis, making sure our communities are safe and we are protected.

This may sound like hyperbole, but they put their lives at risk every time they put on the uniform, and for that, we should say thank you.

This is not to say that everything with police services is perfect.

Earlier this year, a number of allegations were sent to the province’s solicitor general regarding Durham Regional Police Service.
These include accusations of corruption, abuse of power and cover-ups by veteran officers and police officials, with the allegations made by former members of the force.

None of these allegations have been proven, and at this point, remain just that, allegations.

These stories need to be told but are generally given more attention than a lot of the good things officers are doing in the community.

Just about a month ago, Oshawa Express staff witnessed some officers playing basketball and volleyball with students at a local public school.

It is these actions that often go unseen.

While many people may have an unfavourable encounter with the police in their lifetimes, we must recognize the sacrifices those in law enforcement make.

Another example is the R.I.D.E. Check team spending long, cold hours away from their friends and families during the holidays to do their best to stop impaired drivers on our roads.

With all of these factors in mind, The Express encourages everyone in the community to take at least a brief moment to personally thank a police officer because they deserve it.