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Time to get your shots

The region’s health department is using National Immunization Awareness Week, which runs from April 22 to 29, as a chance to remind residents just how important it is to be up to date on your shots.

“Getting immunized, and immunizing your children is not just about personal protection. It’s also about community protection,” states Rachel Bennet, a public health nurse with the health department, in a news release.

“Many diseases that were once common are now rare in Canada because of vaccines, but they still exist. The recent cases of measles in Canada demonstrate the importance of community immunity. If enough people are not vaccinated, diseases can spread. By keeping immunizations up-to-date, residents can protect themselves and help reduce the spread of diseases.”

Community immunity helps protect those who are more vulnerable to preventable diseases, such as those too young to get immunized, those with weaker immune systems like the eldery and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, from getting sick.

“Routine immunizations throughout a person’s lifespan are needed to develop protection and remain protected against certain diseases. The health department encourages all families to ensure that their immunization records are up-to-date by consulting with their health care provider, or Durham Region Health Department,” a news release from the region reads.

“Residents are also reminded to report all immunizations to the health department, as health care providers do not currently provide immunization updates to the health department.”

The regional health department offers immunization clinics for residents who do not have a doctor or OHIP coverage.

For more information on immunization, call the Durham Health Connection Line at (905) 666-6241 or go online and visit