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The time for action is now

Resident works to gather ideas online to honour Oshawa's 100th birthday coming up in 2024

Oshawa resident Greg Milosh is looking to collect ideas for Oshawa’s 100th birthday in 2024, noting that if the city wants to have a celebration worthy of its centennial, it needs to start planning now.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

After approaching Oshawa councillors with his ideas for the city’s centennial, and hearing nothing but crickets, longtime resident Greg Milosh is taking matters into his own hands.

In July of 2016, Milosh took the passion for his longtime home to councillors, asking them to begin planning for some kind of landmark or structure to celebrate the city’s 100th birthday on March 8, 2024. At that time, councillors did not discuss the issue in depth and referred it to staff for a further report on possibilities moving forward.

To date, no report has come to fruition and Milosh says he remains in the dark. For that reason, he’s taking to the Internet and the citizens of Oshawa for help in coming up with ideas as to how to celebrate the city’s centennial.

Milosh has since launched a website ( and is looking to solicit ideas from the community to provide to city council to motivate them to take action.

And he’s expanding his range as well, no longer just looking at the potential for a monument, though he wouldn’t rule that out, but he wants residents to think outside the box.

“My vision of what a celebration is and theirs will differ. I’m thinking on a much larger scale,” he says. “I want people to think big.”

Currently, at the urging of former member of council Joe Kolodzie, the city is putting away $10,000 annually with the plan of having a $100,000 reserve fund in place to use for the celebration in 2024.

And while the big day may still be years away, Milosh says the city will only have one opportunity to do this right, and it won’t hurt to start early.

“It costs nothing to explore,” he says. “You’ve got to start right now. I don’t think you can plan something on a grand and broad scale a year before.”

To date, the website has already seen submissions begin to roll in with a variety of ideas for how Oshawa should celebrate, including: dedicating and sealing a 100 year time capsule, creating a list of all-time top 100 Oshawa residents, businesses and events, inviting the Prime Minister and Premier to attend, or perhaps commissioning a songwriter to write a theme song for Oshawa.

Those interested in contributing ideas to Milosh’s project can do so by visiting  Milosh plans to give away $100 to the person who submits the best idea.