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The law needs to change

Dear Editor,

I never realized that human life means so very little in Canada when it comes to unborn full term children!

I fully expected the man who recently allegedly, murdered his wife, who was nine months pregnant, would be charged with two murders. I guess maybe I watch too much American television?

Had this poor woman gave birth the day before her murder, her child would have been a fully developed child of nine months gestation. Due to the fact her life was snuffed out a day later, that she was pregnant with a fully developed human inside her, means nothing apparently to the criminal court system here in Canada.

This child was murdered also, just as its mother was. The charges should have reflected that fact.

I consider myself a proud Canadian, but I feel there is nothing to be proud of in this matter when we can just turn our backs on this allegedly murdered child only because it had yet to see the light of day in Canada.

Had it been born a day or two premature, it would have been given the same rights as the mother under the law.

There is something wrong with this picture. Sad, and shameful.

Hats off to Conservative leader hopeful, Pierre Lemieux for at least bringing this situation to the fore, and if ever elected prime minister, vows to change this archaic law.

Russ Horner