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The Denise House partnering up with Durham CAS

Organizations co-locating to enhance services for families

Durham CAS building.

After 14 years at the current location on Airport Boulevard in Oshawa, Durham Children’s Aid Society (CAS) has started a new phase.

Durham CAS is now welcoming partners to share the building space and enhance community service provision to support children, youth and families in Durham Region.

The Denise House will be moving into the building, with staff officially occupying the space in September.

“The Denise House is excited for this opportunity and the welcome we have received to share building space,” says Denise House Executive Director Sandra McCormack.

“We have a long time working relationship with Durham Children’s Aid Society and have worked together for many years to build a strong support system for vulnerable children, youth and families,” she adds.

McCormack says the move will continue to encourage and foster strong working relationships for the community.

The Denise House crisis counselling and community outreach services will be relocated to this new space.

The services will continue to provide after shelter counselling and support to women and children who have experienced violence and abuse; counselling and support to women who are able to remain in their community but require support for their journey for safety; counselling and support for children and youth; support for safe, affordable and stable housing; and groups for women, children and youth.

Durham CAS says there has been a significant decrease in the number of children and youth in the care of Durham CAS in recent years, which is partially due to an increased focus on supporting families in their efforts to build strong families to prevent the need for more intrusive child welfare involvement.

Durham CAS says these efforts include enhancing partnerships, such as that with the Denise House, to provide the most appropriate services in a collaborative and timely manner.

Earlier this year, Frontenac Youth Services moved into the building, and Carea Community Health Centre assumed the management of the children’s health clinic.

“With enhanced community partnerships and more organizations at this location, what has been historically known as ‘the CAS building’ will be a community hub featuring a variety of services to support children, youth and families,” says Durham CAS Executive Director Steve Woodman.

“With effective partnerships and a greater investment in supports, there will be better outcomes for families that need assistance, a reduction in the number of families in crisis, and a decreased need for child welfare involvement overall.”

Durham CAS says the community services hub will enable access to a greater variety of services, and will assist with providing a range of services for the diverse population in Durham Region.