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Strike in the summer

Dear Editor,

I just have to say I am disgusted after reading the article about high school teachers wanting to go on strike because they are eight months over on their contract. I think that they, the teachers, should give their heads a shake. So close before school’s end? Seriously?

I ask why is it that my coworkers and I, who all work in a nursing home – the name I leave unmentioned for fear of being prosecuted – are now in our fifth year of no contract? Do we not provide just as essential a service the teachers do? Do we not deserve a resolution and our retro pay? Why is it that this issue is noted so publicly and so frequently for the teachers’ union but we get diddly squat?

OPSEU, in my opinion, is doing a very poor job on our behalf. I think that all jobs should have a limit for contract resolutions and payouts. Teachers, count yourselves lucky! At least your union does their job. Suck it up and do your jobs. Stop disrupting our children’s education and strike when they are not in school.

What do you think would happen to your elderly mother or father if we went on strike? Maybe if the teachers had no contract for five years, then they would have something to complain about!

Wendy J. Harvie