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Slow down on Oxford Street

A speed reduction is coming to a portion of Oxford Street.

According to Regional and City Councillor Brian Nicholson, the speed limit on Oxford Street between Porter Street and Malaga Road was reduced to 40 km/h from 50 km/h to increase the safety for pedestrians in the area.

However, he says it was an oversight that the section of Oxford Street between Malaga Road and Valencia Road was missed.

“[It is] exacerbated by the fact we learned there is an on-street school bus pickup zone,” says Nicholson.

According to the time-sensitive motion Nicholson put forward at a recent city council meeting, there are also multiple apartment buildings and townhouse complexes on Oxford Street which generate “significant pedestrian activity.”

“It’s appropriate to make this entire stretch of Oxford Street 40 km/h to provide a safe pickup zone and reduce the speed in the area,” he adds.