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No time was the right time


No matter what, someone was not going to be happy. The sale by the federal government of its shares in General Motors – acquired as part of helping the auto company restructure itself after falling into bankruptcy several years ago – was an inevitability. But the timing leaves much to be desired.

Currently, Unifor – the union that represents the workers at Oshawa Assembly – is in talks with GM READ

Just one is too much


Today, we commend Durham College.

The college’s sexual assault and sexual violence policy and procedures are not only a step toward keeping our campuses and communi ...

Keep it public


It's good to see councillors stick to their word.

It has recently become apparent that staff at the City of Oshawa don't want to continue with the trouble of putting toge ...

Sunny day for wages


Any day now, the province will be releasing its public sector salary disclosure for 2014 – or as it’s more commonly known, the Sunshine List. The list gets that monik ...

Not on our dime


Here we go again.

A couple short months removed from regional councillors being embroiled in controversy after spending $15,000 on a celebratory lunch at an Ajax golf clu ...

A law too vague to be safe


The Conservative’s Bill C-51 has certainly seen its fair share of commentary from both sides of the aisle. Some say it is necessary in our changing world, where terrorism h ...

Education doesn't come cheap


It’s a rite of passage for any young person. The last year of high school, thumbing through college and university brochures, looking to see where the next two, four, six y ...

Let's talk about sex


There was much bluster when it came out that the Ontario Liberals were set to unveil its new sex-ed curriculum.

Not far removed from memory was when Premier Kathleen Wynn ...

All of our history


As many of us know, February marks Black History Month. A time where we can look back and recognize the efforts by black people in both distant and recent history that contribute ...

A shot in the arm


Nobody likes needles.

Despite the tough attitude some put on, the fact of the matter is that nobody actually enjoys getting a needle jabbed in their arm. But what people ...

Running out the clock


So this past week, the city’s largest employer took the opportunity to announce that, well, there was nothing to announce. General Motors of Canada says that there will be ...

Debt looms over budget talks


Debt is something not a lot of people like to talk about, including the City of Oshawa.

It’s a cold reality that sometimes you have to spend money you don’t h ...

Missing the Target


When Target first announced it would be making a move to Canada, taking over the leases of many soon-to-be-defunct Zellers locations, many voiced their pleasure that they could f ...

Two hundred years on


Sir John A. MacDonald is commonly known as the first Prime Minister of our dominion and the guy we all see on the $10 bill.

He helped bring the British colonies of New Br ...

A look ahead at 2015


The year that was 2014 has now come and gone. Typically, an editorial for the first edition of a new year will look back over the previous one. However, The Oshawa Express felt i ...

Home for the holidays


Well, the holiday season is finally here. When you pick up this paper, you might be headed home to spend some time with family, whether it is here in Oshawa or elsewhere. Or perh ...

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