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Staring into a corner


The bug is once again in the region’s ear that they perhaps need to do a little spring-cleaning.   Open up the doors, air out the room and perhaps send a few councillors out the door (most likely those with an Oshawa logo pinned to their lapel).

For the third time in its history, the Region of Durham is looking into restructuring its council’s composition.

The first time saw council drop READ

Will this time be any different?


Progress is an interesting thing.

Sometimes, it comes in the form of policy – words that will set things in motion for years to come. Other times, it comes in a mor ...

Worth playing the game?


Well, after months of waiting, the Pan Am Games have finally arrived.

And after billions of dollars spent, drivers inconvenienced through HOV lanes and the like, how has ...

Limits not necessary


At its final meeting before the summer break, a majority of Oshawa’s councillors voted against the implementation of time limits when it comes to asking questions of city s ...

Watch the back door


Any good hockey player knows, when you’re on the ice, you keep your head on a swivel.

Well, Oshawa hockey and ice users should keep that lesson in mind with the mos ...

Title with teeth


Although still in its early stages, the Region of Durham – along with other regions and municipalities across the province – is looking at getting itself an ombudsman ...

Online for all to see


City council has had its fair share of special meetings. Those are the meetings that aren’t on the originally set calendar of events and take place on days typically not re ...

Regional fire rejection


When Regional Chair Roger Anderson announced a study would soon be conducted on the possibility of amalgamating the region’s fire departments, it was only a matter of time ...

What a mess


The recent announcement that CAA has named Bloor Street East the worst road in the region came as a surprise to none.

The road – especially between Simcoe and Rit ...

Boondoggle of billions


The 200-plus people that packed the ballroom of the Lakeview Pavilion recently was a clear representation of what many Ontario residents are thinking – selling the majority ...

Regional musical chairs


The talk of the composition of regional council has finally begun.

It has been nearly 20 years since the makeup of this body was last looked at, and it had been quite som ...

On the cusp


Although the writing had been on the wall since the production of the next-generation Camaro was said to be taking place south of the border, the loss of 1,000 jobs at Oshawa Ass ...

Looking back on a nightmare


Remembering a traumatic part of a culture’s heritage is a tough ordeal, to say the least, but that is exactly what the Beth Zion Synagogue did with its Holocaust memorial s ...

Getting nowhere fast


The region has now entered its second week with empty public high school classes, and based on how things are looking, that number could easily stretch into a third week, a fourt ...

Increased planning means increased savings


There’s nothing wrong with revisions.

Needless to say, this editorial will have been revised by at least three sets of eyes before it makes its way on to the page.< ...

No time was the right time


No matter what, someone was not going to be happy. The sale by the federal government of its shares in General Motors – acquired as part of helping the auto company restruc ...

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