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Residents urged to drive with caution as winter weather begins

Durham residents are reminded to drive with care when facing winter driving conditions.

Even with precautions, drivers need to remember to drive safely as conditions can change quickly during the winter months. Bridges, hills, valleys, curves and sheltered or shaded areas require extra caution when driving, as these sections of road freeze quickly and remain frozen even after temperatures rise.

Snow plow operators must travel at reduced speeds, so it is important to be patient and slow down when driving behind them, the Region of Durham advises. Although there are many mirrors to help the operator see around the vehicle, visibility is still limited, especially beyond the “wing” (the scoop that extends to the right of the vehicle) and it is important to never pass a snow plow.

Residents are encouraged to prepare vehicles for winter driving by changing to winter tires, keeping an emergency kit in the trunk of your vehicle, with items such as blankets, a shovel, a flashlight, a flare, food and a first aid kit, use windshield-washer fluid rated for -40°C, and be sure to check the weather and driving conditions before going out on the roads.