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Regional council e-voting could start soon

Durham regional council has been working towards using an electronic voting system for some time now. However, it will not come as quickly as originally thought due to one important factor – the bylaw needs to be updated.

What e-voting means is that councillors will be able to vote by inserting a key card that they are provided into a slot on their microphone panel – not inserting the card will result in an absent from vote designation.

Regional council first began investigating the possibility of e-voting back in December 2016.

An original report came in February 2017, but staff was asked to provide further clarification and recommendations.

Training of staff and testing of the system was completed over the summer.

A report released on June 6 said that there is a “rudimentary” function tied to the e-voting plan. The function will allow councillors to use a button on their panel that will enter them in a queue of speakers.

Now a report released on Aug. 17 says the use of e-voting will be implemented in December as long as the proposed changes to by laws are approved after council meetings on Sept. 5 and Sept. 12.