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Region testing alert system

On May 11 and 12, the Region of Durham will b e testing its alert systems for the region’s two nuclear power generating stations. (Photo courtesy of the Region of Durham)

Residents may be hearing some alarms this week – don’t worry, it’s only a test.

The region has announced that the indoor and outdoor warning systems for Durham’s two nuclear power generating stations will be tested this week.

On May 11, there will be tests of the automated emergency telephone dialing system, with landlines for homes and businesses within a 10-kilometre area of the Darlington and Pickering nuclear stations receiving calls.

The next day, May 12, there will be tests of the outdoor siren system, which will sound for up to one minute.

“Individuals near the Darlington or Pickering Nuclear Generating stations, who hear sirens or receive the indoor notification, are not required to take any action,” a news release from the region read.

“This is only a test of the Public Alerting System.”

For more information, please call the Public Alerting information line at 1-866-551-5373, or visit