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Region looking for energy feedback

The Regioin is asking for feedback on a draft plan regarding energy.

The Durham Community Energy Plan (DCEP), which is being developed in collaboration with all eight area municipalities, five local utilities and other energy experts, is a strategy that defines the community’s energy priorities up to the year 2050.

The DCEP is meant to help guide Durham’s future growth and development, energy generation, delivery and use until 2050. The Community’s feedback on the draft plan is needed before it can be approved and implemented.

The plan is designed to stimulate innovation in the local economy, create local employment and achieve social benefits while accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy in Durham.

The DCEP aims to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage green energy solutions at the local level, in addition to planning for future energy priorities. It is a key component of climate change adaptation and mitigation in Durham.

The survey will be open to the public for submissions until Dec. 17. A summary of the draft and a feedback survey are available online at