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Reader: Let my voice be heard

Dear Editor,

In regards to the childlike response to my letter to the Editor, concerning the 65-year-old time tested, safe to use drug, Hydroxychloroquine, from the ever-angry, Trump hating, John Peate. Peate fancies himself an absolute authority on climate, and disputes any and all differing opinions on that particular subject, without any credentials whatsoever I might add. He claims the sky is falling but I am still waiting, and enjoying my life as best I can in the meantime without feeling terrified over Mother Nature and her whims.

Now, apparently, he also seems to think he also is an expert in the field of medicine! A multitalented guru it would appear?

For your information John, I and Mr. Trump are only messengers, conveying the information from the real experts in the field of medicine and there are many indeed. Two of which I named in my letter you unceremoniously trashed, without mentioning their names, just mine, and President Trump, the two innocent messengers? Are you afraid to take on the real medical experts that I quoted from?

Typical cheap liberal shot. Just shoot the messengers, especially if they are conservatives!

That “study” you claimed was bad, was proved later to be done totally incorrectly, and was retracted from the esteemed medical journal The Lancet as false.

There have been 53 other studies from around the globe that showed much promise for this 65-year-old drug that have been used “off label,” which is a common practice with many other drugs that have been used for more than one purpose, with success.

Ten billion patients have used this safe drug for over 65 years with no serious ill effects. Why study it to death when we are in a pandemic and people are dying without it?

It is strictly political that is why. If Obama had said the same thing about this drug, liberals like you would be over the moon, celebrating his intellectual genius, and lifesaving skills!

As far as the WHO is concerned, they are a disgrace, and should be dropped from funding by Canada as the USA did the same.

They are just puppets of Communist China, and lied to us early on.

You claim that I, Horner, should just keep quiet and just allow your voice to be heard.

Na, that is not going to happen Peate. You see, I refuse to take my marching orders from the likes of you, a liberal diehard, climate alarmist, Trump hater, that refuses to debate, but just tries to silence any discussion that you do not agree with. Na.

Why don’t you try to contact the medical experts I mentioned in my original letter and tell them how stupid they are and how brilliant you are?

I am sure they both would be amused.

People are dying, and you among your partners on the left, are playing politics!

Shame on you, sir! Shame.

Russ Horner