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People opposed to vaccines: Please read this

Bill Fox

Bill Fox

By Bill Fox/Columnist

Unfortunately, I know of some people who have not yet been vaccinated. They are good people, but I fear they are getting their information from poor sources, so let’s see if I can convince some of them to get their shots.

In Ontario, our chief medical officer, Dr. Kieran Moore, said that 83 per cent of recent COVID-19 cases are those who have not received their shots.

In the USA, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator stated that 40 per cent of all new cases this week have been recorded in Florida, Texas and Missouri, with Florida alone accounting for 20 per cent of all new cases nationally in the USA. He added that “virtually all” hospitalizations and deaths that is 97 per cent are among unvaccinated people. “The threat is now predominantly only to the unvaccinated.”

Children who attend school in Ontario must have proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcal disease, and whooping cough. Small pox killed more than 300 million in the 20th century. How was it defeated? Vaccines. I remember children getting polio in the 50’s, but now that Ontario has made these shots mandatory, we don’t see these diseases in our country, but that is not to say that some countries don’t have some cases every so often. I believe that Mr. Ford and Mr. Trudeau, should make COVID vaccines mandatory for all citizens except when there may be medical exemptions…or is this a political issue?

As a Canadian, you still have a right not to wear a mask and not to get vaccinated, however, businesses also have a right to refuse you service and entry. We are flying to B.C. in the near future and I was hoping that there might be flights for just the vaccinated, or at least seating on the planes could be divided. I suspect in the near future those vaccinated will be given passport-like documents that will allow them into venues like concerts and sports events. In countries where proper vaccine documents have been issued, there has been a big increase of people getting their vaccinations and not wanting to be left out of entertainment venues, etc.

When you get vaccinated you are saying that you respect your family and neighbours. When you get vaccinated you are saying that you respect nurses and doctors and all those caregivers that were stressed to the max just a few months ago. I’m sure many thought that their workload would be lighter now…however, especially in the States, it is ramping up again, perhaps into a fourth stage. I feel so badly for those medical professionals that, even according to Premier Ford, were our heroes. But who is now going to cause them further stress and burnout? Not the vaccinated.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service has raised the concern that violent extremists have been exploiting the pandemic online, adopting conspiracy theories about the pandemic that “rationalize and justify violence.” One bizarre conspiracy theory suggested Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was behind the pandemic and that he wanted to use vaccines to implant microchips in people to track their movements.

Seems to me there may be a correlation of those who still support Trump and those that demand their freedoms and refuse to get vaccinated. The ones that refuse to be vaccinated may be the reason we will have to close things down again. Those same people will be the ones complaining the loudest even though they will be responsible for any future lock downs. There are “no more lockdowns” movements. One such page on Facebook has over 30 000 followers and arranges “events.”

People were never told to give up their freedoms, they were asked to help each other to stay healthy and survive. I’m thinking of a beautiful young daughter going back to school in September. Her parents are good parents and would not want any harm to come to her…but they are against vaccinations, so what might happen? You are free to make a choice, but also must accept the consequences of your choices. I’m praying for that young girl and her parents.

I’m at awaiting comments.