Parties urged to do more for healthcare

Natalie Mehra, the executive director of the Ontario Health Coalition and Charlie Couraneyea, the co-chair of the Durham Health Coalition, were at Lakeridge Health for a press conference urging the political parties to make healthcare a priority in this election. (Photo by Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express). By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express It’s election season, and promises are a dime a dozen. However, for the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC), more needs to be done to ensure funding and resources are put in place to help Ontario’s beleaguered healthcare system after the June 7 election. “Heading into the provincial election, we’re extremely concerned because there really is a crisis now in our hospitals and it needs to be addressed,” says Natalie Mehra, the OHC executive director. “We need to see from the politicians, some concrete commitments that would actually fix the problem.” For the OHC, those commitments would come in the form of a serious influx of funding, in fact, almost a billion dollars. Mehra says that for nearly 40 years, successive governments have been downsizing Ontario hospitals, which has led to a crisis of overcrowding and wait times like no other jurisdiction in the country. The issue has also trickled into … Continue reading Parties urged to do more for healthcare