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Oshawa Lawn Bowling Club hosting final event of the year

Novice players who have less than six years of experience are invited from all over Ontario to participate in the Oshawa Lawn Bowling Club’s final tournament of the year.

As an open trebles tournament, each team that enters will consist of three players.

Oshawa has two greens, which means it consists of 16 rinks. With two teams competing against one another on each rink, there is a possibility for 32 teams to participate.

The day will begin with a competition called “the Spider” where all competitors roll a single bowl at the same time in the hopes that they will be closest to the prearranged target.

The tournament itself will consist of three games of 12 ends each.

During each end, all players alternately roll three bowls with the expectation that their bowl will end up closest to the target, which is referred to as a “Kitty” or a “Jack.”

A barbecue luncheon is scheduled for all competitors and their guests during one of the intermissions.

Spectators are encouraged to drop by and take this opportunity to see this interesting game in action.

The tournament will take place on Sept. 29, at 9:30 a.m.