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Oshawa has an opportunity

Dear Editor,

While last week’s “announcement” by Mayor (Dan) Carter and Regional Chairman (John) Henry about the creation of a Downtown Task Force appeared to be a step in the right direction, the devil will be in the details.

Everyone in Oshawa has a stake in a revitalized, vibrant and safe downtown, yet there are no citizen representatives on the Task Force. Why not?

While the downtown and Midtown Mall take on the appearance of Lower Eastside Vancouver, the time for deliberation is running out.

We need police on foot and bicycle patrols downtown, we need those suffering from mental health issues to be placed in institutions where they can get help. Drug and property crime laws need to be strictly enforced.

Those choosing to live on the street need to have the “welcome mat” rolled up, not out.

Memorial Park was dedicated to the Fallen, not to those who have fallen but don’t want to get up.

Oshawa has it in its power to recreate the prosperous, inviting downtown that we once had. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

Hugh Nicholson