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No trust in redactions

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the article regarding the two closed door meetings of regional council.
When I read the documents, I was very disappointed in what was revealed. The Region of Durham is still being secretive regarding these two closed council meetings.
I think we should ask Amberely Gavel to look at what was released to the public. I don’t think they would agree that the Durham Region is being transparent to the public.
Every time while reading the documents when I was hoping to have some answers to important questions and worries, it was blacked out. Why is the Region of Durham keeping the sections blacked out? What things are they hiding?
I was extremely nervous when I came to the page titled “RISKS” and it was a blacked
out page.
Are we ever going to get the truth about happened at these meetings that miraculously got the incinerator starting operation? No trust left for council to do the open transparent thing for taxpayers. They would rather have residents upset and worrying about the whole incinerator.

Donna Lanigan