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Mulcair returns to Oshawa

NDP leader comes back to town days ahead of Oct. 19 election

NDP Tom Mulcair

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair made his return to Oshawa, holding a rally in front of the General Motors Centre, days ahead of the Oct. 19 election.

By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

With election day less than a week away, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was back in Oshawa to drum up support for Oshawa candidate Mary Fowler.

“We’ve got the energy, we’ve got the team, we’ve got the plan to repair the damage done by Stephen Harper,” Mulcair says.

Standing before a crowd of supporters out front of the General Motors Centre on Tuesday, Mulcair reiterated his

NDP Mary Fowler

Oshawa NDP candidate Mary Fowler works to rally up the troops ahead of party leader Thomas Mulcair’s visit on Tuesday.

campaign promises, one of the biggest relating to child care, and the plan create a million $15-a-day child care spaces.

Mulcair also pushed his party’s plan for infrastructure funding and once again took the chance to attack Harper’s role in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

“We will stand up to Stephen Harper’s secret trade deal,” he said, claiming the trade deal between Canada, the U.S. and Pacific Rim countries will kill jobs and lower wages for Canadians.

“Canada can, and should, have negotiated a better deal,” he said.

The deal, signed earlier this month, still needs to be ratified through Parliament, but Mulcair and his party are criticizing the pact which was negotiated behind closed doors.

Mulcair claimed the Conservative government should have learned from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was criticized prior to its signing in 1994 for favouring certain industries while having negative impacts on others.

“When we sign new trade deals, we don’t commit the errors of the past,” he said.