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Lutczyk trial faces more delays

Robert Lutvzyk

The trial for former city councillor Robert Lutczyk is now slated to get underway next month.


By Joel Wittnebel/The Oshawa Express

The trial for former Oshawa city councilor Robert Lutczyk, charged with kidnapping and a number of weapons offences, originally scheduled to begin Jan. 26, has been pushed into March.

Crown prosecutor Ngai On Young has told The Oshawa Express that pre-trial motions are not expected to be completed before the end of the month.

“(We) probably won’t finish pre-trial motions before March. We will have to see from there,” he told The Express in an emailed response.

Pre-trial motions, which began in early January, were scheduled to last only a couple weeks before the initial Jan. 26 trial date.

A publication ban prevents any details of the pre-trial motions from being published.

However, several delays, including a lost day when Lutczyk was taken to hospital, complaining of injuries he sustained at the Oshawa courthouse, have drawn out the pre-trail process.

The investigation into those injuries is ongoing according to Durham Region Police.

Lutczyk is charged with allegedly kidnapping Oshawa city solicitor David Potts in 2012.

A 27-hour standoff with DRPS ensued at an industrial site in Whitby. Potts escaped the incident unharmed.

Lutczyk has been in custody since in arrest following the incident. All charges against him must still be proven in court.