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Lakeridge Health announces visitor restrictions

Lakeridge Health is making changes to help keep patients and staff safe as COVID-19 continues to evolve.

As community spread continues to increase within Durham Region, Lakeridge Health has reduced family presence on site to maintain the safest possible environment for all.

Only essential visitors are allowed (for inpatient and outpatient settings):

  • Cognitive impairment and escalating behaviours
  • English is not the primary language and significant language barrier
  • Major deterioration in condition
  • Physical or mental/intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • End-of-Life (where death is expected within two weeks)
  • Mental Health Crisis
  • Acute Delirium
  • Women and children to allow up to two designated visitors for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatrics across system (excludes laboring women which will continue with one designated visitor)
  • Emotional distress caused by planned disclosure of bad news or critical incident
  • Decision-making (such as goals of care – withdrawing care/code status, or transitions – discharge support meeting).
  • Primary Caregiver for patients that require extensive support, such as feeding or physical care, that cannot be provided by the care team

For those able to visit within the visitor protocols, Lakeridge Health will be screening at all entrances of the hospitals to ensure everyone entering is well and free of illness. This includes all of the Lakeridge Health team.

Anyone who is unwell will not be allowed to enter the hospital.

“We value the vital role that families and partners-in-care contribute to the healing and wellbeing of our patients and appreciate how difficult this is for everyone,” reads a statement from Lakeridge Health.

To assist any family and friends looking to further connect with their loved ones, Lakeridge Health is supporting and encouraging virtual and telephone calls as staying connected is an important part of healing.