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“It’s time for change”

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole makes stop in Whitby along campaign trail

By Courtney Bachar

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole says it’s time to get Canada back on track.

O’Toole was in Whitby Saturday to talk about his recovery plan, noting the single most important issue facing Canadian families is the cost of living.

“Like many families, I’m worried about the future,” O’Toole says.

Growing up and living in Durham Region, he says these suburbs in the Greater Toronto Area are a great place to live, work and raise a family.

However, he says far too many people are trapped in gridlock, too many people, especially young people, are priced out of the housing market, and far too many are struggling with mortgage and car payments, buying gas and groceries.

“[Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s] Ottawa knows its approach to housing, transit, inflation, crime and health care is simply not working for GTA workers or their families,” he says.

O’Toole says Canada’s Recovery Plan will get housing prices under control and get one million new homes built in the next three years, ensuring that more housing gets built near new transit projects.

Speaking on transit, O’Toole says it’s time to move forward.

“Canada’s Conservatives will get shovels in the ground on transit to cut down on commute times and make life easier for GTA workers and their families.”

He says projects such as Ontario’s GTA transit plan, the territory line, and subway extensions will create thousands of jobs and cut daily commute times.

“Our Conservative plan will get the GTA moving,” he continues.

As Ontario wrestles the fourth wave of COVID-19, O’Toole says the Conservatives are ready to make historic investments to reinforce Canada’s universal healthcare system.

Further, O’Toole says it’s time to crack down on gun and gang violence with a commitment to hire an additional 200 RCMP officers.

“It’s time we had a prime minister who personally knows and understands the challenges facing our communities,” O’Toole continues.

“On September 20, vote to get our economy back on track. Vote to secure the future.”