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Horoscope: July 7 to 13, 2021


March 20 to April 19

A time for reorganizing your home, you may decide to take on a redecorating project.  Have a backyard barbeque and invite the extended family.  Make long range plans for the future.




April 19 to May 20

Take care of the details of your daily life.  Communicate with family members who live at a distance.  Spend a weekend at a cottage.  Write a letter, send emails or make phone calls.

Slow down on the road.



May 20 to June 2

Review your financial situation and formulate a new money plan.  Discover other ways to increase your income.  Take on a part-time job if necessary.  Good time to budget, save and invest.



June 21 to July 22

Energetic and enthusiastic, you may want to find a new way to express and present yourself.  Show your best self to the world.  Get in touch with your feelings and listen to your intuition.  Go for a make-over.



July 22 to August 22

Let go of anything that no longer fits into your life.  Confide in a trusted friend who is easy to talk to.  Do soul searching while you rest your physical body.  Complete any project you are working on.



August 22 to Sept 22

Participate in group activities to make new contacts.   You could meet someone who will help you to get ahead in business.  Fulfill a goal or dream you have been hoping to accomplish.  Get involved in a cause you believe in.



Sept 22 to Oct 23

You will feel a sense of renewal and reinvigoration where your career is concerned.  People, in high places, are well aware of your skills and talents.  A new job offer could come your way.



Oct 23 to Nov 22

Restless and dissatisfied with your regular daily routines, you should initiate new projects or try out new activities that expand your mind.  Either sign up for an on-line course, or take a trip to a new destination.



Nov 22 to Dec 21

You will become more aware of the psychological influences affecting your relationships.  Emotional partnerships can be far more complicated.  On the plus side, your partner could receive a raise or bonus.



Dec 21 to Jan 19

Put more energy into developing supportive relationships.  If single, you could meet a significant other.  Follow your heart, instead of your head.  Look after legal matters.




Jan 19 to Feb 19

A new start at work is on the agenda.  Take care of business details and put your daily life in order.  Do your best to get caught up on the job.  Meditation can offers solutions to deal with stress.



Feb 19 to March 20

Children or grandchildren play a crucial role in your life this month.  Romantic inclinations are also highlighted.  Get involved in a creative activity like acting, art or writing.  Express who you truly are.