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Horoscope: August 25 to 31, 2021


March 20 to April 19

An excellent time to build work skills, you should also develop more efficient daily routines.  Pay close attention to job details and set a good example for co-workers.  Look after your physical health.



April 19 to May 20

Inspired creatively and emotionally, you will take great pride in the things you make.  Concentrate on areas such as: hobbies, leisure time and activities with children.  Allow your inner “child” to come out and play.



May 20 to June 2

Home and family will come to your attention.  Property matters and heritage will come more clearly into focus.  Strengthen your relationships with your parents and members of your immediate family.



June 21 to July 22

More curious than usual, you will spend a great deal of time talking on the telephone, sending emails or just driving around.  Make sure your energies are not too scattered.  Take a course on the Internet.



July 22 to August 22

Your attention will turn to financial issues.  Security is the driving force right at this time.  If you pour your energy into your work and finances, you might just be able to take your ideas to the bank.



August 22 to Sept 22

Happy Birthday Virgo! Get in touch with your true identity and make a positive impression on other people.  Enjoy increased energy and a renewed sense of purpose.  Carve your own unique path in life.



Sept 22 to Oct 23

Think about the attachments you have to people, things and routines.  Consider which ones need to be changed or gotten rid of.  Take time out to reflect, dream and recharge your batteries.



Oct 23 to Nov 22

Get together with friends or groups and socialize.  Network with people who will help you to move ahead on the job.  Some Scorpios will fundraise for service organizations.  Make plans for the future.



Nov 22 to Dec 21

For the next four weeks, your career is at the top your agenda and you will want to accomplish something of importance on your job.  You will expect your bosses to recognize your efforts.  Socialize with coworkers.



Dec 21 to Jan 19

Seek out new adventures that will take you beyond your everyday life.  Schedule a vacation, write a book, or take a course in metaphysics.  Do not lose touch with the details of your personal life.



Jan 19 to Feb 19

Apply for a loan or create a new budget or financial plan.  Another possibility over the next four weeks: your partner could receive a raise or bonus.  Get rid of a bad habit you are trying to break.



Feb 19 to March 20

You will have a great need to spend special time with your partner.  The emphasis over the next four weeks will be on “us” rather than “me”.  Extremely popular, you will get along well to other people.