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Horoscope: August 2 to 10, 2021


March 20 to April 19

Put off leisure activities and get down to work.  Have patience with co-workers.  Give them credit where credit is due.  Do not burn the candle at both ends, get adequate rest and relaxation.




April 19 to May 20

Express your ideas with strong vitality.  Participate in sports, or coach a children’s soft ball team.  Take up a hobby like oil painting or stained glass.  Do not gamble with money you cannot afford to lose.




May 20 to June 2

Since home is where your heart is, most activities over the next six weeks will center on the home.  You could reach a significant point in a career related project begun a year ago.




June 21 to July 22

You can effectively sell your new ideas.  However, try not to skip over details.  Do not take unnecessary chances.  Slow down on the road and handle machinery with care.  Communicate with confidence.




July 22 to August 22

Your energy will be focused on financial affairs.  The downside could be extravagance, or making impulsive decisions about money.  The upside is finding a new way to earn more money.




August 22 to Sept 22

More energetic and competitive, your own personal interests will drive you over the next six weeks.  If you have plans on the back burner, put them into action.  Be patient with other people in your life.




Sept 22 to Oct 23

A good time to work behind the scenes, you may not get credit for the contribution you are making in the workplace.  Proceed at your own pace.  You will be far more energized by mid-September.




Oct 23 to Nov 22

Your energy level will be high and you will not want to wait around for others to act.  Do fund raising for a service club, or become a team leader at work.  You will be working extra hard to accomplish personal goals.




Nov 22 to Dec 21

Unless your career goals conflict with your manager’s objectives, you should be able to move ahead on the job.  This is also an excellent cycle to start a home business, since you would prefer to be your own boss.




Dec 21 to Jan 19

If you promote your ideas and beliefs, you will be able to sell anything.  However, try not to force your opinions.  If you are restless, you might enjoy travelling.  Get in touch with an in-law who lives at a distance.




Jan 19 to Feb 19

Do not suppress bad feelings, discuss them with the people involved and work out a win-win solution.  Since joint financial issues can surface, this is not the best time to ask for a loan, or get extra credit.




Feb 19 to March 20

The focus, over the next six weeks, will be on activities with your partner.  This could mean productively working together or experiencing a conflicting situation.  If there is tension, let it come out into the open.