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Ford is a disappointment

Dear Editor,

After watching his never-ending antics with useless lockdowns, after he was elected by many, including myself, with the help of his slogan, “Ontario is open for business,” Doug Ford has proven to be one huge disappointment.

I had much more respect for his brother, Rob, even with his demons.

I do not feel that he would have turned against the people that elected him as Doug has.

Lives have been ruined, and lives have been needlessly lost because of his passing on his leadership capabilities to unelected medical officers, who are drunk with power, giddy with all the notoriety, and are paid enormous amounts, no matter how their decisions negatively affect anybody else.

After this second “lockdown” is over and he finds that the “case numbers” have not gone down, but probably up, what is his next step, or should I say, what is the next decision made for him by the unelected, overpaid, fat cats that are destroying this province?

More of the same?

Little wonder in the USA, many who can, are moving to places like Florida, which is wide open and not suffering any more than those states in full lockdown, like California. Florida is doing whatever it can to protect the vulnerable, mainly the elderly, which Florida is full of.

I imagine many Canadian businesses will follow suit also, if possible. Not much point staying here and being killed off by the likes of Ford and his minions.

Russ Horner