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Finding humour in a not so funny topic

Dear Editor,

I don’t remember the year, when I wrote a reply to a letter writer that said that it was a law in Georgia that you had to have a gun.

We had a good laugh at that one and I proved the person wrong. I wrote to a lawyer in Georgia that very day and when I asked her for an explanation, she told me that it was not a law in any jurisdiction of Georgia that you had to have a gun.

She wrote to me telling me that I had made her day because she could not stop laughing.

The letter that I had rebuffed is not the reason  I write here. I write once again because there has been another mass shooting in America, specifically Florida, and they still have very little, if any gun, control laws.

I will still say forever and ever that I am glad we live in Canada with our (so-called) antiquated gun laws. I cannot believe that with all of the shootings we have had this year the Canadian gun lobby is still lobbying for leaner restrictions. If anything we need to strengthen the laws that we do have and add quite a few more.

Ron Horner